O​.​G. [Explicit]

by Bella Bahhs

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Rhythmically delivering strikingly personal lyrics over a groovy Jason Davis production, Bella Bahhs narrates her story of being raised on the west side of Chicago by “a long line of Black queens:” her grandmother, mother and aunts, who she deems “OGs,” or original gangsters, on the breakout single from her sophomore EP, titled HERstory.


Granny was an entrepreneur
When she moved to the Chi she was dirt poor
Plus she had kids to provide for
She would die for them
Black woman in America
That’s a mule woman
Made something out of nothing though
Made millions off flipping work
Feds watching
Flip the bird
Speak in code
If they catch you keep the code
Keep your soul
Mama didn’t fold
Did time, never told
My mama, she an OG
She bought a Benz when she was 14
By 23, my OG had a different car for everyday of the week
Still got a ’95 AMG
Baby girl was born in ‘93
Now here is me
Granny raised a bunch of queens
I done seen a bunch of things
I’m the heir to a bunch of dreams
All they dreams live inside of me
I know that they all count on me to bring them to reality
I know they already proud of me
Got to keep making them proud of me
I do it for the family
Mookey said I could be anything I want to be
And I should never want to be anything that wasn’t me
I just wanted to be free
Shit, like half our family tree been trapped by the streets or the penitentiary
I just want to set them free
Run away from poverty
Shit I’m feeling like Harriet
Burden of a Black woman
Think you can carry it?
Why should I tell my story if I know they gone bury it?
Why should I have this baby if I know I’m gone bury it?
This some heavy shit
And my mama had weight on top of it
Moving it
Did it all for the fam
Did it all for her kids

All for you
Everything I do, I do it all for you
Everything I am, I owe it all to you
So anything you need, you know I’m coming through for you
For you

My mama, she an OG
Grandmama, she an OG
Got a bunch of aunties
And they all OGs
A long line of Black queens
They all helped raised me
So what you think they taught me?
What you think that make me?

[Verse 2]
Growing up I never thought that I was poor
I was spoiled
I got everything I wanted plus more
Every week I got another pair of Jordan’s
Every game system and hell of games for them
Hell, I thought we could afford it
All our cars were imported
Like drugs across the border
Feds help that cross the border but arrest kids and deport them
I wish hell was postmortem
Like grandma taught her granddaughter
But devils walking upon us
They hate the shine
Hope it tarnish
Glowed up, I got it honest
My parents, they kept their promise
Sent their baby girl to college
Gave me the life that they wanted
I appreciate it
Hundred thousand dollar piece of paper
My granny framed it
To her I’m already famous
Fame has never been the goal
But I’m a natural-born leader so I already know
That it’s coming so I’m ready like I’m all packed to go
Niggas hunting, they ain’t at me but I might be next to go
Suppose to be the next to blow
But on the west side of Chicago you never really know
Bottom of the totem pole
That’s why niggas toting poles
I ain’t really ret to go
I ain’t stepping out the door
Okay, I’ll pop out
I’m Nell daughter, niggas better watch out
I might pull a Cartier watch out
Time is money
I ain’t sitting in the damn house
Granny worried, steady calling about my whereabouts
I’m probably with the shooters if they air it out
Lord forgive me, you know I’m just trying to make it out
Sending all these prayers up, hope a blessing come down
Because lately I been feeling if I stick around
I might be another Muffin or a Mike Brown
Even with our hands up we still getting gunned down
That ain’t how I’m going out
That’s his story
That ain’t my story
I’m about to white it out
Fuck it, Black it out


released May 20, 2015
Written by: Ambrell Gambrell
Vocals by: Tandaleria Roland
Produced by: Jason Davis
Engineered by: Vince Dawkins
Dedicated to: Fannie Lee Chambers



all rights reserved


Bella Bahhs Chicago, Illinois

Ambrell Gambrell, also known as Bella Bahhs, is a communications scholar and hip-hop recording artist.

Born and raised on Chicago's west side, Gambrell graduated from Dominican University in River Forest, IL with a B.A. in corporate communications last year when she was 21 years old.

She started rapping while an undergraduate and quickly burgeoned into a promising hip-hop sensation.
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